Knosti Disco-Antistat Record-washing Machine (starter pack including 1 L Knosti liquid)

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This record-washing machine (manual use - no automatic extraction) is the only one in its price range that has been on the market since the end of the 1970's, and still with great success.

The set consists of a record bath with integrated goat hair brushes, a set of record clamps that safely cover the labels of the gramophone record, a drip/drying rack for 8 records, a bottle of Disco-Antistat Liquid and a funnel with 3 separate (replaceable) filters that you need to be able to filter/recycle the fluid.

A Knosti record washer certainly cleans well and with the use of the Disco-Antistat liquid hardly any static exists shortly after cleaning. Unfortunately, it does not last very long, but that is the big problem with all anti-static-making products. Furthermore, the machine cleans very effectively in combination with both Knosti and other (QS - WalvisWater © - Winyl, etc.) liquids, your records become spotless again.

We will spare you the lecture on fat, mould and other residue, but before you play records that have really just been lying around somewhere for years, please always clean them first. When they are clean, at least replace the inner cover and preferably take the trouble to carefully clean the outer cover, always making sure to remove dust on the inside.

The Knosti Liquid is available separately from us (SKU 10410).

For the 1 litre-bottle of Knosti Liquid (supplied with this set) the following applies:
- Always keep out of reach of children.
- Flammable.
- Never use for cleaning 78 rpm/25 cm records (you know, those pretty old ones); these are made from Bakelite (old-fashioned: "shellac") and Bakelite is non-resistant to alcohol solutions. A good alternative for shellac records is to wash them with Winyl Pro-Clean-6.

And lastly:
On the internet, for example, if you search using the term "disco antistat" you will find a lot of information, positive and less positive comments about the device and the liquids, often handy YouTube user manuals, but unfortunately also many unwise recommendations. If you have any questions, please contact us; unfortunately there has already been far too much unique music on gramophone records lost due to all sorts of ill-considered cleaning procedures, and that can seldom be restored.  

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