Sense and nonsense of record brushes - which brush is for which purpose?

We are frequently asked to advise what really is a good record brush. That's a tough question as we don't sell bad record brushes anyway. In addition, the answer strongly depends on the purpose of use that is intended with the brush. At Walvis Products we roughly distinguish the following types of vinyl record brushes:

Carbon Fiber Record Brushes

Gramophone records absorb static charge very easily. Carbon brushes have as most important property that they eliminate static charge from vinyl records. In addition, a carbon brush also easily removes loose dust. A carbon record brush is intended for daily use: just wipe the record on the turntable and dust and static charge disappear like snow in the sun. In addition to regular carbon record brushes, there are also arm-type carbon fiber brushes: a trailing brush removes dust and static charge from an LP during playback by "running along" with a second arm next to the tonearm.

Velvet Record Brushes

Velvet brushes are ideal for removing loose dirt and dust before playing. The simplest way of use applies here too; remove the dirt with the brush while it is on the (rotating) platform of the record player. Unfortunately, velvet brushes do not have any anti-static effect, but they are much more effective than carbon brushes when it comes to removing dust and dirt. Do not forget to regularly clean the velvet pad of the brush: this is the place where the dust and dirt that comes off your records accumulates.

Microfibre Record Brushes

These kind of record brushes are actually more American than European: you don't see them so often here. Microfibre brushes look a bit like velvet brushes, but are always used in combination with a spray. A good example is our import line from GrooveWasher - beautiful largely handmade high-end cleaning products.

Combination brushes

These types of brushes represent the best of both worlds! Most combination brushes have three compartments: on each long outer side there is a narrow row of carbon fibers. These penetrate deep into the grooves of a vinyl record and have an anti-static effect. In the middle, these brushes have a wide velvet pad that effectively absorbs the dust and dirt.

Application brushes

Intended for the application, distribution and wet cleaning of gramophone records using vinyl record cleaning fluid. These types of brushes are hardly or not at all suitable for the daily (dry) cleaning of your records. The nylon or goat hair bristles are perfect for wet-cleaning, but in fact too hard to dry-wipe a gramophone record. Also the Knosti Disco-Antistat washing machines have goat hair brushes (mounted on the inside of the record bath).

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  • Goka Carbon Fibre Record Brush
    Goka Carbon Fibre Record Brush
    € 6,95
  • Goka Velvet Record Brush
    Goka Velvet Record Brush
    € 6,95
  • Tonar Classic - Velvet Record Brush
    Tonar Classic - Velvet Record Brush
    € 10,95
  • Goka Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Brush
    Goka Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Brush
    € 12,50
  • Tonar Dust Jockey Record Brush
    Tonar Dust Jockey Record Brush
    € 18,95
  • Tonar Nostatic Arm
    Tonar Nostatic Arm
    € 19,95
  • Walvis Goat Hair Record Application Brush - with solid wooden handle
    Walvis Goat Hair Record Application Brush - with solid wooden handle
    € 13,75

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