Quality of CD Jewel Cases

Compact Discs are being manufactured since the beginning of the 1980s. In the first instance, these were packaged in Jewel Cases that were made much heavier and more robust. As the CD market exploded during the following decades, market parties were looking for ways to produce these boxes more cheaply.

This was at the expense of the weight and the overall quality of the boxes. Although the demand for CDs in Europe is nowadays not even a fraction of what was sold in its heyday, many suppliers are still importing CD cases from China in particular today, which, although cheap, are of totally inferior quality. In fact, these packages are no longer made for the European market, but for countries where CDs are still commonly used (countries that belong to the Third World) and where the quality requirements are much lower. Yet there are countless importers in Europe who market this "junk" either via the internet or via chainstores. This to the great frustration of all those collectors and enthusiasts who just want to have their music available in an old-fashioned way on a physical sound carrier (Compact Disc or Gramophone record). 

This annoyance lives with us too! Walvis has been around since 1961 as one of the leading specialist European suppliers of media packaging. At the time, we were overtaken both from the left and from the right by market parties that were mostly strange to the market and did not care about quality, but competed only on price. Fortunately, this kind of opportunism is slowly but surely coming to an end; those who now release and collect CDs in Europe are aware of this problem and prefer to spend a little more on good quality CD packaging.

Almost all types of Jewel Cases that we sell come from those few European factories that, although on a much smaller scale than at the time, still produce high-quality CD packaging to this day. Some less common models of CD boxes are no longer made in Europe and we therefore import them from China, but only from manufacturers who can supply professional quality boxes.

In this way we have become one of the last suppliers of high-quality CD packaging and we are pleased with the appreciation of a growing number of customers who do want good CD Jewel Cases!

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  • Maxi Single | Two-Piece 1CD Box - thickness 7 mm
    Maxi Single | Two-Piece 1CD Box - thickness 7 mm
    € 0,55
  • Brilliant 2CD Tray - anthracite
    Brilliant 2CD Tray - anthracite
    € 0,25
  • Brilliant 10.4 mm 2CD Jewel Case - without tray
    Brilliant 10.4 mm 2CD Jewel Case - without tray
    € 0,45
  • Brilliant 2CD Tray - clear
    Brilliant 2CD Tray - clear
    € 0,25
  • Super Jewel Box Standard 1CD Box - without tray
    Super Jewel Box Standard 1CD Box - without tray
    € 0,55
  • Standard 10.4 mm 1CD Jewel Case - without tray
    Standard 10.4 mm 1CD Jewel Case - without tray
    € 0,42
  • Standard CD Tray - black
    Standard CD Tray - black
    € 0,20
  • Standard CD Tray - clear
    Standard CD Tray - clear
    € 0,20
  • Standard CD Tray - frozen white (orange peel)
    Standard CD Tray - frozen white (orange peel)
    € 0,24

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