Cleaning LPs for less money

Sure it's possible to keep your record collection clean, also with a small wallet!

Multiple options are possible - here are a few of them:

  • Cleaning with an affordable brand vinyl cleaner such as our WalvisWater© in combination with a  cleaning cloth is a great option. It is not strictly necessary to use a gramophone record cleaning cloth such as the one we sell - you may as well opt for a good household cloth / microfiber cloth, just make sure it does not fluff and absorbs well.
  • When you live in an area where the tap water is rather soft, you could choose to mix this soft tap water with a drop of detergent and some alcohol. Not really ideal, but at least affordable.
  • D.I.Y. mixing distilled or demineralised water with a cleaning agent is also an option (demineralised water is available at hardware stores, for example). Add about 10% alcohol and 1 small drop of a good detergent per liter.
  • Perhaps most importantly: once you've cleaned your vinyl records, make sure they stay clean! Put your LPs back in a clean - preferably new - inner sleeve, otherwise you can actually start all over again as we speak.
  • Each time before you play a record it is wise to wipe it off with a carbon brush or a velvet brush; do this on your turntable following the direction of the record grooves!


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