5 Litre Jerrycan - WalvisWater© Record Cleaning Solution

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WalvisWater© is a powerful and safe alcohol-based cleaning fluid for gramophone records. This record cleaner of our own brand is suitable for both manual use (damp-cleaning, working in with a brush, rinsing) and for use with all types of record-cleaning machines that work with liquid. WalvisWater© has an anti-static effect and dries quickly without leaving residue.  

While WalvisWater© (partly because of the fantastic cleaning result) is certainly just as good in quality and perhaps even better than comparable products from other brands, it is much cheaper; since we can safely produce (or have) WalvisWater© produced in large quantities in the Netherlands, and therefore with an excellent price-quality ratio, it is 30% to 50% cheaper than comparable products.

WalvisWater© is not suitable for (Bakelite) 78 rpm/10-inch records. This agent is ready for use - do not mix with other liquids. Can be used multiple times.

WalvisWater© is available in 1-litre bottles with screw cap/nozzle and 5-litre jerrycans with screw cap.

- Always keep out of reach of children.
- Flammable.
- Contents: 5 litres.

Packaging: 2 units in shipping box.
Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order this item individually).


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