Is vinyl now vinyl?

Let definition battles start, record collectors are often talking about their vinyl. But actually, are these vinyl records actually made of vinyl?

In a chemical definition, vinyl is nothing more or less than the monomer "ethylene". But certainly our older and also most new gramophone records are in fact made of the polymer "polyvinyl chloride", in short PVC. And all of us know PVC! Just think of the drain pipes in our kitchens or those cheerful inflatable swimming pools. To make PVC suitable for making drainpipes, gramophone records or whatever you want to "consume", additives are added. Consider for example colorants (vinyl does not turn black by it's own) and plasticizers. After all, PVC does not automatically get the same degree of flexibility.

At Walvis Products® we sell many extremely good and reasonably priced protective record outer covers, including many kinds of LP en single sleeves that are made of PVC. Are those vinyl covers? So yes! And in all meanings of the definition. Looking for vinyl protective covers for vinyl gramophone records? Here are some classics!


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