Twelve Inch Original (invisible wall display for vinyl record covers)

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Made of solid grey cardboard: while supplies last!

With the Twelve Inch Original it is possible to mount an LP cover invisibly on the wall, with or without a gramophone record in the cover. Particularly handy from the point of view of exchangeable frames where you first have to remove the cover from the frame before you can play the record; thus, the Twelve Inch Original is a wall display and a unique storage system in one.

The Twelve Inch Original system works on the basis of a magnetic wall holder and an equally-magnetic disc that is slid into the record sleeve. Complete with a screw, a cover sticker for the screw, a paper template in order to mount multiple Twelve Inch Originals at exactly the same distance next to or underneath each other and a packaging with a clear (English) assembly manual.

Mounting is extremely simple - the magnets are harmless for gramophone records.

Please also watch the YouTube video above!

The system is also safe to use for a double LP or for a 2LP gatefold cover. We advise against hanging heavier editions (more than 2 LPs) or special/heavier editions in this way, since, after all, the magnets have a limited bearing capacity. If you still want to hang heavy editions of this kind, we advise you to first remove the gramophone records from the covers and keep them elsewhere.

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