Vinyl Record Waterproof Label Protector

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The Waterproof LP Label Protector Set consists of two heavy crystal-clear engraved perspex protective cover shields with corresponding rubber sealing rings and a corresponding plastic screw & nut with a stainless steel propeller shaft which fully guarantees vacuum cover and therefore waterproof protection to a LP vinyl record label.

The clamped record is with the screw & nut from each side easily accessible to hold by hand; the screw & nut serve as handles. You can also easily access a record in any other manner even by fixing either the screw or the nut into a vise. Thereafter, how disputable some of these manners may be, you are in a perfect position to clean the vinyl record in any possible way without wetting or damaging the record centre paper label, no matter how rough such treatment may be.

In daily practice, this product is suitable to clean vinyl records manually by means which are not really prescribed but some means are justified to reach the end: rinsing with tap water, the old-fashioned soapy water, the (necessary) use of cleaning agents that contain a high alcohol/ethanol percentage, dealing with details on the vinyl record's surface (removing caked up dirt, parts that need to be polished, removing other blemishes) etc.

The scope of supply consists of:

- Set of 2 perspex label shields (Ø 120 mm.) complete with rubber belts.

- Set of 2 replacement rubber belts.

- Set of 2 non-woven spindle rings.

- Set plastic screw & nut with stainless steel protector shaft. 

The Vinyl Record Waterproof Label Protector comes in a beautiful and lockable solid wooden box - size: 150 x 150 x 105 mm.

Label protector diameter: 120 mm.

Weight per set: 365 grams.

Packaging: 1 set in shipping box.
Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order this item per set ).​

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