Record Pro Record Washer (starter pack)

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The Record Pro Record Washer (turning by hand - no automatic extraction) is actually the most complete and most reliable record washer available on the market today in its price range. The device is extremely simple and pleasant to use. With this Vinyl Record Washer you can quickly make heavily soiled records spotless and antistatic again.

This is a complete set - the scope of delivery consists of a lockable record bath with 2 removable velvet cleaning brushes, 2 removable gramophone record roller guides (with which you set the device for LPs, Mini-LPs or for Singles), a draining/drying rack for 10 gramophone records , 2 bottles of 150 ml each Record Pro cleaning concentrate, a heavy-duty washable microfiber cloth of approx. 35 x 40 cm, a universal gramophone record cloth and clear English-language instructions for use.

You add (distilled) water yourself or work with an alcohol-based cleaning agent.

The machine is suitable for all known alcohol-based cleaning fluids such as WalvisWater©, QS or Knosti Disco-Antistat, but also non-alcohol based cleaning concentrates (for example Winyl Pro-Clean 6 or Knosti Disco-Antistat Ultraclean). Please note: an alcohol-based record cleaner cannot be used in combination with old 78 rpm records. These are made of bakelite and that material is not resistant to alcohol.

The Record Pro Vinyl Record Washer distinguishes itself in this price range mainly due to its modern and more functional design. The product does not work with label clamps (one of the major annoyances of many Knosti users), the velvet brushes are extremely effective and can be easily removed and cleaned again and, also important: the design of the basin makes the use of cleaning fluids a lot more economic.

In short, this is an excellent record washer that does not have those frills that no one is really waiting for, but offers a lot of ease of use due to the smart and solid design. The lid with which the wash basin can be closed is just a good example of this.

Keep out of reach of children.

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