Beware of suitcase record players!

Everyone who is considering to purchase such a nice suitcase pick-up, think twice and ignore them!

They usually cost just a little and look fantastic. But suitcase record players have limitations, which means that certainly starting record collectors can inadvertently cause irreparable damage to vinyl records. With this type of playback equipment, the needle pressure is usually not adjustable and it is difficult to ensure a horizontal arrangement. Apart from that, you cannot expect a record player of roughly 40 to 80 euros to contain a needle that has a lot of respect for your vinyls, nor that such a needle is capable of doing justice to the sound recorded in the grooves of the LPs and singles. A serious hazard for our vinyl records!

And this while there are indeed "normal" and affordable record players for sale -also for the less wealthy- that do justice to the recordings and at least keep your vinyl intact.

Regardless of what type of record player is used, a needle unfortunately does not last forever. The average lifespan of a stylus is approximately 200 to 1200 playing hours and is highly dependent on the type and material of which the stylus is made. More information about needles and elements? Read on here.

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