Advance 7-inch Record Storage box - capacity: approx. 200 Singles - brown cardboard

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Cardboard box with lid for storing approx. 200 pcs 7-inch Singles.

The Advance storage box has sturdy, multi-layered cardboard walls and handles on the front and back. This Single Box is suitable for storing approximately 200 singles including protective covers.

The Advance Single Archive Box is pleasantly spacious; sufficiently wide to accommodate Singles in all types of plastic protective sleeves, sufficiently high to allow the use of dividers and so deep that 200 units 7-inch vinyl records can really easily fit in.

Unlike comparable products, the Advance Box is extremely simple and quick to assemble. These archive boxes are extremely robust; the parts where the punched handles are even consist of three layers of corrugated cardboard!

Ideal for transport, storage and for displaying Singles in shops, market stalls and at fairs.

Outer dimensions (including lid): 232 mm (width) x 475 mm (depth) x 220 mm (height).

Inner dimensions: 205 mm (width) x 433 mm (depth) x 210 mm (height).

Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order this item individually).


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