Walvis Woodshelf - Solid Wood Storage Rack for approx. 80 units 12-Inch Records

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The Walvis Woodshelf is a stylish freestanding solid wooden storage rack for approximately 80 LPs and is also suitable for storing singles, games and (cook) books, for example. The shelves are made of solid cherry-coloured impregnated wood with a thickness of 24 mm. (the feet) respectively 10 mm. (the panels).

This product comes unassembled complete with screws and a screwdriver and is easy to assemble in minutes.

Weight: approx. 1250 grams.

Dimensions: 390 x 225 x 280 mm.

Packaging: 1 unit in shipping box.
Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order this item individually).

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