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Our bad luck is your luck in this matter! We had a relatively large number of these storage boxes made for LPs, but unfortunately the manufacturer forgot to remove sawdust and dust from the boxes before packing them. Those sawdust residues caused small scratches and irregularities on the veneer during transport from China to the Netherlands.

That is why we have decided to offer these otherwise beautiful storage boxes as a B-choice item below cost price! But please note: we do not accept complaints regarding scratches, dust and/or sawdust residues on these boxes.

The boxes are ideal for stacking and/or placing next to each other: this way you can easily create an entire LP wall arrangement, separate columns or a half-height cabinet.

The Record Cube 100 is a very solid product: unlike most other wooden LP storage furniture of this kind, the Record Cube 100 is not made of chipboard, but of 15 mm. made of thick MDF board material and finished with black orange-peel veneer.

Depending on the thickness of the LP covers and whether or not plastic protective covers are used, the Record Cube 100 is suitable for storing 75 - 100 LPs. The boxes are pleasantly spacious; gramophone records in all types of protective covers and LP Box sets also fit in without any problems.

The Record Cube 100 is supplied as a kit. Easy to assemble and complete with manual.

External dimensions: approx. 368 x 368 x 352 mm. (height x width x depth).

Internal dimensions: approx. 338 x 338 x 337 mm. (height x width x depth).

Weight: approx. 6.1 kg.

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