Standard 10.4 mm 1CD Jewel Case - without tray

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Crystal clear-transparent - made of 100% virgin/new polystyrene.

A separate tray must be added for mounting purposes.
(see article no. 90023, 90023T or 90023FW).

Walvis standard Jewel Cases meet the highest quality requirements and are suitable for fully automatic packaging of CDs by the music industry (100% machine-packable).

European manufactured A-quality - the weight per box is approx. 44 - 48 grams per unit. Dimensions per box: 125 x 140 x 10.4 mm.

Our standard CD boxes are of the "bar type" (lines on the inside of the lid part to set the printed material - no dots).

These Jewel Cases are completely straight and extremely robust; not to be compared with the "toy quality" that we usually encounter in the store. 

Packaging: 200 units in shipping box.

Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order any quantity from us).

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