Standard CD Tray - frozen white (orange peel)

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Colour: white  - made of 100% virgin/new polystyrene. These trays have a frozen (orange peel) surface.

For mounting in an empty standard CD box (see SKU 90022). Also suitable for mounting in Multi-pack CD boxes
(SKUs 90045, 90045C, 
90053, 90054 and 90054C).

Walvis standard CD Trays meet the highest quality requirements and are suitable for fully-automatic packaging of CDs by the music industry (100% machine-packable).

European manufactured A-quality - the weight per tray is approx. 21 grams.

These trays are completely straight and extremely robust; not to be compared with the "toy quality" that we usually encounter in the store. 

Packaging: 480 units in shipping box.

Minimum order quantity: N/A (you can order any quantity from us).

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